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10% raised

Pioneer Capital Sales

location_on New South Wales, Australia

Updated Business Plan offers short-term investors to fund working capital and short term receivables secured by residential real estate (i.e. PCS $12,000 loan verse home equity as security), but based on PCS successful proprietary 5-Step Selling Plan

• Successful "5-Step Selling Plan" developed by Principal
• Guaranteed min. ROI 20%pa, secure by charge and/or residential real estate




Min per Investor

0% raised

Real Estate Prop-tech

location_on Queensland, Australia

Lunar = Property Management meets AI & machine learning. Nationally scalable by pushing tech boundaries and aligning the property industry with current trends and expectations of present-day investors.

• Huge market opportunity
• Proven concept
• Low competitor count
• Amazingly unique selling points




Min per Investor

4% raised

Multiple Sydney Dwellings

location_on New South Wales, Australia

Can you commit $500 per month for 24 months? If yes, we have a great opportunity for you to join and benefit from a very thorough & robust plan based on developing and selling multiple residential dwellings in Sydney and yield benefits within 2-3 yrs

• Experienced management on setting up start-ups through capital raising
• Satisfied & happy current investors based on transparency & performance




Min per Investor

37% raised

Batavia Vista Property

location_on Western Australia, Australia

Origin Projects, a diversified property developer now syndicating a significant 2,500 lot master-planned community and 41 apartments; 40+ yrs combined director’s experience; 2½ year project; over $26.5M previous sales; already raised $3.0M+.

• Over $26.5M sales achieved to date with successful residential development
• Forecast over $45M sales and 86% Gross Profit on shares over next 2½ years




Min per Investor

6% raised

Smart Living Homes IT. IR

location_on Canterbury , New Zealand

Smart Living Homes have assembled Technology with One App - One Voice with one Brand to provide the first real Smart Homes. Preventative Maintenance, Air Quality, environment, reduction of Energy and full protection for Family and the security homes

• Full Testing and Commercialization Completed
• Planned Roll Out in AU and NZ First Quarter 2022
• Investment and Equity Offers Considered




Min per Investor

Global Pro
62% raised


location_on London, United Kingdom

Resooma's mission is to be the most transparent place to find rental homes. We use AI-driven personalised house matching to find renters better properties & show them verified previous tenant reviews to give social proof & increased confidence (EIS)

• £103,000 monthly recurring GMV achieved in September
• De-risked investment with 700 person research study to validate opportunity




Min per Investor

Global Pro
37% raised

Servio Capital Fund

location_on South East, USA

Servio Capital is a real estate fund acquiring value add apartments, core/core-plus properties and distressed hotel-to-apartment conversions. Multiple deals are in progress, the most recent is 136 condo portfolio cash flow flip to start the fund off.

• https://youtu.be/jCg0zOYmtxw
• Recent Acquisition: $15 mil hotel for only $2.4 mil
• Currently have $70 mil in Assets Under Manag...




Min per Investor

Global Pro
23% raised

Grand River Modular Ltd.

location_on Ontario, Canada

Grand River Modular offers Self contained modular homes to homeowners, first-time buyers, and housing initiatives. Shippable throughout Canada and the USA market. We will also supply pre-assembled CFS framing to construction companies in Ontario.

• Sustainable at 75%+ recyclable material
• Not restricted by local market trends
• A starting team that is highly experienced in Modular construction




Min per Investor

Global Pro
100% raised

Property Backed Lending

location_on South East, United Kingdom

Fairbridge Capital are a bridging and development lender. Our short term loans are secured over UK property with a legal charge. We offer investors from the UK and UAE the opportunity to participate in loans with attractive returns.

• £12m raised on Angel Investment so far from UK and UAE Investors
• Your capital is secured over UK property
• Zero losses to date




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